10 Things to consider when choosing a rental vehicle company

With so many vehicle rental companies out there, the task of deciding which one is best for your needs can be daunting and stressful. Rental vehicle companies offer different services, prices and vehicles.

Hireace, for example, is specialized in reliable and low-cost vehicles, our range of vehicles has small and economic trucks that are perfect for moving furniture, machines, etc...cargo vans, flat deck trucks and minibuses for group travel. Hireace has the friendliest staff and very competitive prices (maybe the cheapest in town!).

Here are the 10 things to consider when choosing a rental vehicle company:

1) Compare prices – The difference in daily rates will vary according to the length of hire, the day of the week and seasonality.

2) New = Expensive – Companies offering brand new vehicles generally charge a premium for it. Depending on your needs, a vehicle that is not that new will do the same job sometimes for half the price.

3) Size Matters – Check if the vehicle you are hiring will accommodate your needs. Not good if you can’t fit all your stuff.

4) Insurance is always a good idea – Most companies include standard insurance on their regular rates with the excess going from $500 to $5000. For an extra fee, you can reduce that excess to a fraction of that price tag.

5) How far are you going? – Some companies offer two different rates when hiring, one with unlimited kms meaning you can travel freely without worrying about the extra cost and the other option you will need to pay for the kms you travel. Normally when paying for the extra kms the daily rates will be much cheaper than the unlimited option.

6) Additional drivers – Some rental vehicle companies may or may not charge for additional drivers.

7) Filling the tank – Normally truck rental companies will give you the vehicle with a full tank of gas and you are expected to return the vehicle with a full tank. In case you don’t bring it full, some truck rental companies may charge you an administration fee and also for the price of fuel.

8) Extra bits – Most commercial vehicle rental companies offer, for an extra fee, gsp units, child seats, booster seat, roof racks, snow chains, etc… Some companies may offer a bundle deal with a discounted price for several extra items.

9) Roadside Assistance – Some companies offer 24hrs roadside assistance provided by the AA. Normally there is no extra charge for call out when in case of mechanical faults. In situations like a flat battery or flat tyres a small fee will be applied.

10) Smoking not allowed – Most van rental companies do not allow smoking in the vehicle. They will charge you a cleaning fee in case you do so.

To wrap things up, make sure you always check the rental agreement and if there is anything you are not sure about, you better ask the rental company to explain to you.

At Hireace we pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service, reliable vehicles, and great prices.



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