5 Things To Know Before Hiring A Truck In Auckland

Moving from a small apartment into a larger apartment or into your new home, or just moving in general, can be a huge step for many of us as we close one chapter of our lives to begin another. When moving from one place to another, there are some considerations you’ll want to make before you embark on the task of transporting your belongings. One of those considerations is whether or not you should hire a furniture truck. No matter where you live in Auckland, there are five things you need to know before hiring a truck rental for your moving needs.

  1. How much furniture and belongings you have. This is something that many of us are guilty of thinking we have less than we actually do because we forgot to account for something. So, don’t forget large appliances that you may own along with big and clunky furniture, such as a dresser or your bed. These things can take up more space than you imagined possible. Because you are taking stock of the items you have, you’ll be able to consider the next step once you’ve finished building your checklist of items to move.

  2. The size of the truck rental you need. Whether you’re wanting a small truck hire in Auckland or a large truck, it’ll all depend on the number of items you’ve placed on your check-list that’s moving with you. You’ve taken into account all of your large appliances and your big furniture pieces along with the boxes and boxes of clothes and other important items that are moving with you. Since you’ve prepared your list, you now have the option of checking out different size trucks, choosing the one by its dimensions based on your needs. It’s usually better to go one size up so you can make one trip instead of guessing too small and having multiple trips.

  3. Check around for the best rates. Since truck rates are different based on a number of factors, you’ll want to shop around to find the best rate from the best company. Some companies offer different rating systems so you’ll get the best rate for your rental and your budget. When you’re looking for a truck hire Auckland, you might consider a company like Hireace as they have hire rates by the hour or by the day plus the charge of your distance or they have a great way to save money by getting the unlimited kms option for rentals by the day, which is great if you’re moving a lot of stuff and at a greater distance than across town.

  4. Book your truck ahead of time. Hopefully, you’re doing all of this in advance because once you’ve found the right truck company for you, you’ll want to reserve that truck. If you wait until moving day to do this, the company may not have a truck available the size you need and want. However, when you book your truck rental ahead of time, the truck you want will be ready and waiting for you on moving day (in most cases anyway). You’ll want to call the company the day before and confirm, of course, but you’ll have peace of mind, knowing you’ve got the truck you need for this big transition you’re undertaking for yourself by moving onto better things.

  5. Know what’s covered in your agreement. This is one of the most important aspects of a truck rental. You want to know what’s in the agreement as far as coverage for your possessions as well as any accidental damage that can occur to your belongings and the truck as well. You need to know what you’ll be responsible for should you find yourself in an accident or something else crops up like the truck breaking down. You never know what can happen. You’ll also want to consider a gas budget since this won’t be covered by the company, but rather you since you’re the one using the furniture truck. The more you know before you sign, the better your understanding in case something happens while the truck is in your possession.

Moving day is a big day for most people since it’s the day that starts a new chapter in their lives. They’re stressed and excited all wrapped up in one as they face the challenges of getting their belongings to their new place in one piece without worry about leaving something behind while also enjoying the time they’d spent in their old home and imagining life in their new one. The possibilities are endless when you’re moving and to make things easier during this time, you should consider the five tips above to help you in your move when you’re considering hiring a truck rental to get the job done.

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