Don’t Hire A Furniture Truck Before Knowing These 4 Important Things

When you’re looking at a furniture truck for your moving needs, you’ll find that these can be some of the best time savers and money savers as they help you with moving house from one place to another. If you’re looking for a cheap rental, you won’t find one cheaper than a truck rental to move your furniture and belongings. However, there are some things you should know before you hire a truck for your moving purposes. Here are four things that you’ll want to know before renting a truck from any company.


  1. Rates vary by season – Daily and hourly rates can vary greatly depending on the season in which you’re moving. Summer rates are typically higher than winter ones because the demand for truck rentals is higher. Though you may be able to score a cheaper rate during the summer months, you’ll usually find that the winter rates are even better because the demand isn’t there, which can save money in your budget for other things you need to complete your move. So, you’ll want to shop around during the season you’re planning to move or even months before so you can lock in a cheaper rate when the time comes.


  2. Distance costs vary by company – The more kilometres you travel in Wellington or anywhere else, the more it’s going to cost you when the bill comes. The amount you pay per kilometre you drive can also vary from one company to another or if you drive more or less than a certain distance. You’ll want to calculate the total distance it’s going to take you to drive from the rental company to your old place to your new one and back to the rental company. With that figure in mind, you can better compare the rates that multiple companies are charging and find the best one for you and your needs.


  3. Parking space for truck at either location – When moving house from one place to the next, you will find that a rental truck isn’t the smallest vessel in the world. They need space and plenty of it to back up to your current home for loading purposes and then you’ll want to do the same at your new home for unloading. You’ll also find that the bigger the truck, the more space you’ll need for reversing and manoeuvring the truck for its purpose. This is something you’ll want to measure several angles and distances between curbs, especially when you live in an apartment where crowding is quite easy to accomplish with so many people in a small amount of space. You don’t want to block the roads or block people from getting into their cars.


  4. Know what you’re reserving – When you find the company you want to use, you’ll want to reserve your rental with them, but you’ll also want to confirm that the rental you’re placing is actually the one you want. You don’t want to come on the day you set to pick up a large truck and find that you’ve been reserved a small one or vice versa. The mix-up or the misunderstanding can end up costing you way more than you’d want. So, double check and cancel if something isn’t right with the reservation, finding another company that will reserve the correct truck at the rate you want or even a cheaper one.


Knowing what to expect and what’s going to happen with a truck rental is the best way to prepare yourself for when the time comes when you pick up your rental and bring it back to load all of your belongings. With the four things you’ll want to know outlined above, you won’t have any surprises crop up on you when the time comes to move and you’re looking for the right, cheap rental truck to save money.

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