Why You Should Hire A Trailer When Moving House

With so many moving options available, it’s any wonder how anyone decides which one is the right one for them. Yet, they do it every day without fail. From professional movers to friends with trucks, we can make our moves with relative ease and money saving methods. One such method to consider is using a trailer for moving house whether you live in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. Trailers are relatively simple to use and offer more advantages than other options you can find on the current market for the moving industry.

  • The number of trailer options available to you – You can choose anything really when it comes to a trailer because there are several options to meet anyone’s needs. Flat deck trailers for furniture and other items, enclosed or caged trailers for tons of boxes and smaller furniture, and even trailers to transport an extra vehicle to your new location. The best option for you depends on what you can’t move on your own. Most will find that boxes can be moved with a vehicle rather than a trailer while beds, dressers, and other larger, heavier furniture can be a real problem to move without a trailer. When you’re wanting one for furniture removal, the decision is ultimately yours, but you’ll want to consider the dimensions of the furniture and the type of furniture that needs to be transported.

  • The rates are usually highly reasonable – The going rates for trailers are usually much cheaper than moving trucks and vans because they don’t require half the upkeep of the other transporters. You’ll also find that the deals get better for longer hires, which can work in your favour if you need to move a lot and the trailer can only hold so much. Plus, it’ll give you extra time to secure everything and plan how to arrange everything so your belongings stay strapped down and safe until they reach their new destination.

  • There aren’t any fees for gas and distance – Moving house can be quite an expensive undertaking when you’re paying for gas and distance fees for a truck rental or a moving company since you’ll be paying for labor costs there for the movers themselves. With a trailer, you don’t have to worry about any of that because you’re the labor and the trailer is being pulled by something with an engine since it doesn’t have one of its own. This can save you a lot of money if you’re moving further away from your old home because the cost for distance can quickly add up as you make multiple trips and then you also have to account for the distance to and from the rental company as well. Since there’s no gas tank, the only gas money you’ll be using is to refuel your own vehicle during the move.

  • Trailers can be rented on your time and for your schedule – A trailer rental is one of the best options if you have a busy schedule or you have one that doesn’t mesh with a moving company’s schedule to get your belongings transported to their new home. You can rent the trailer when you have time to load it and transport it yourself on your own schedule. Granted, you’ll want to have the trailer back before your trailer lease is due, but otherwise, you have the trailer to use for whatever you need.

Hiring a trailer for moving your home’s possessions can be one of the best options for many as they try to save money and frustration compared to using a professional company. Some professionals will only pack and transport the way they want or were taught even if it goes against your preference. If you’re not willing to take the chance on a professional team or you lack the funds to pay for one, you can find yourself a great rate on a trailer rental that will serve your purposes just as well. You just have to do some looking around before you decide on the one that works best for you.

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